Stunt and Rally School Dirt Drift Cape Town- Drive this car sideways for as little as R350!



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Stunt and Rally School Dirt Drift Cape Town is here!

Learn and experience drifting, rallying and stunts!

Stunt and Rally is a Cape Town Based company that specializes in showing YOU a good time behind the wheel of OUR stunt cars.

We teach you the basics of car control all in a fun care free environment. We make advanced driver training FUN! You will be hopping in and out of our custom built BMW 325i and doing hand brake turns like a pro before you can say 360! Other maneuvers include the famous power slide, the basis to any good drift as well as other drifting tips. Treat yourself to this amazing gift experience or send a friend on a driving adventure of a life time! There is NOTHING else like this anywhere in the country so go on, drop us an email on